Employee Referral Guidelines First Quarter 2018

Northern Rivers Family of Services acknowledges that an important source of quality new candidates for employment is from our existing staff.  We thank you for sharing your excitement about working for our organization. 

For positions that are considered hard to fill, we will pay a bonus totaling $500** to the employee who refers a successful candidate.  Here are the parameters for the program:

  • Hard to fill positions are designated as such by Human Resources, in consultation with the applicable program, because of the skills/experience/education required, and/or the vacancy rate.
  • Human Resources will designate a position as eligible for the referral bonus and communicate to employees. The referral bonus program will be in effect for a limited time, generally 3 to 6 months but will be considered on a case by case basis by Human Resources.
  • All employees below the level of “Senior Management” are eligible for the bonus so long as the referred applicant will not be employed in their line of supervision. Human Resources staff is not eligible for the bonus.
  • A successful candidate is one who Part-time or Full-time and is hired and starts in the hard to fill position and remains in that position for a minimum of 6 months. Northern Rivers will pay a $250 “finders’ fee” to any eligible staff member who refers an individual who is hired as a new hire* by the agency in one of the current qualifying positions. Supervisory staff will be eligible for the finder’s fee for individuals they refer to Northern Rivers for positions they will not be supervising.  A second $250 will be paid to the referring employee once the new hire has worked with the agency for at least six (6) months who is in good standing and continues to be in the qualified position they were hired into.  To make a referral and qualify for the finder’s fee, the referred candidate must enter your name on their employment application or notify the Recruiter for the position (prior to the referred individual’s initial interview), otherwise, the referral will not be considered valid.The first half of the referral bonus will be paid the first payroll after the referred individual starts working and the second half of the referral bonus will be paid in the first payroll after the referred individual has successfully completed six (6) months. *This offer applies to new hires only – inter/tra agency transfers, promotions are not eligible. **Resident Counselor/Therapeutic Support Worker and Teachers are approved to receive a bonus totaling $1000 for the employee who refers the successful candidate for this quarter.Qualified Positions for First Quarter of 2018 (January 1, 2018 – March 31) are:

  • full or part time LPN/RN
  • full time residential counselor/therapeutic support worker
  • full time school bus driver
  • residential clinician
  • clinician in Queensbury area
  • teacher


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